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17 Oct. 22

Sewer Repair Near Me | Snake Master

Sewerage System | Plumbing Services

Sewer Repair. A sewerage system or wastewater collection system is a network of pipe pumping stations. And, equipment that transports sewage from its point of origin to a point of treatment and disposal. And, the purpose of the sewerage system is to protect water quality and public health.

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Sewer Repair

Sewer repair is common when minor problems appear with your sewer lines, such as cracks or blockages. It is a cheaper alternative to sewer line replacement because only a portion of the sewer line requires plumbing services. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is more severe.

Sewer damage means that you have to need a replacement which will cost you more money.

Here are 4 Primary Causes of Sewer Line Damage

  • Tree roots
  • Clogged pipes
  • Extremely cold temperature
  • Corrosion of Pipes 

 Types of Sewage Systems

  • Domestic sewage
  • Industrial sewage
  • Strom sewage

Domestic sewage System

It carries used water from houses and apartments, mostly from the kitchen bathroom, and laundry resources. And, it is also called sanitary sewage.

Industrial Sewage System

It is used water from manufacturing and chemical processes. For example fossil-fuel power stations and, particularly coal-fired plants.

Strom Sewage System

Strom sewage means a hole or pipe that takes the water away when there is heavy rain. For example, a wasted matter that you flush down, your toilet gets carried away in the sewer.

Stages of wastewater| Treatment

Primary stages of wastewater

It involves sedimentation which happens when wastewater is temporarily held in large sedimentation to remove settleable solids.

Secondary stages of wastewater

It works on wastewater at a deeper level than primary and, it involves removing soluble organic matter solids that escape immediate treatment.

The tertiary stage of wastewater

Tertiary wastewater treatment aims to raise water quality to domestic and industrial standards. And, to meet specific requirements related to safe water discharge.

Benefits of sewer repair near me

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid further damage
  • Identify problems
  • Get rid of an old sewer line