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25 Nov. 22

6 ways to stop your toilet sweating | Snake Master

Why is my toilet sweating?

Is your toilet sweating? When you’re grilling in the backyard, toilet condensation is the same reason that droplets form on the outside of your ice-cold soda or beer can. The water inside the tank is cooler than the air outside. Due to this, moisture is extracted from the air and collected in the toilet tank that’s why your toilet is sweating.

6 ways to stop your toilet sweating

More than anything else, a condensing toilet tank is annoying. However, when left untreated, condensation on the toilet tank can cause damp floors that invite mold and bacteria. Those are the guests you want to avoid. Hence it can solve the condensation problem.

There are several ways to take care of an excessively sweaty toilet. Here’s how to stop the toilet from sweating:

Cover the tank: You can use a towel or other absorbent material to wrap around the outside of the tank and catch any dripping moisture.

Insulate the tank: These are sold in the store and are made from insulating materials such as foam, which stay inside your tank and help keep it from overheating.

Use a ventilation fan in your bathroom: This will help lower the overall humidity and temperature of the bathroom, making your toilet less likely to sweat.

Lower your shower/bath temperature: This will also reduce the amount of heat and humidity in the room.

Buy a water-saving toilet: If your tank has less water, less condensation will form.

Buy a toilet with a temperature-boosting tank: The second tank will preheat the water before it goes into the larger tank.

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