why your toilet keep clogging

14 Dec. 22

Why does my toilet keep clogging? | Snake Master

Toilet Clogging 

Are you worried about toilet clogging and looking for a solution to why toilets keep clogging?

Many reasons are why toilets keep clogging. The basic purpose of this blog is to give some informative tips and also tell the reason that’s why your toilet keeps clogging.  So that your stay alert and avoid making such mistakes again. If a toilet consistently clogs so it can be a frustrating and expensive fixture.

The reason that’s why the toilet clogged so easily  

1 Old and Poor Toilet Design

Sometimes plumbing material is designed old and poor and its make problems in the plumbing system. Poor and old material could not be working properly when we push the waste down the drain. Nowadays modern toilets are designed for low flow design and focus on water utilization and efficiency.

2 Something stuck in the toilet

In every house, it is a common problem in the plumbing system we pull down the strange things in the toilet. Mostly children flush their toys by mistake and many other things flush by mistakes like dental floss, diapers feminine products that’s why toilets clog easily.  Sometimes we do not have baskets for covering the garbage so it can be possible for women’s try to flush sanitary napkins.

So we should try the mandatory tips that Snakemaster.net continuously tries to provide. We should remember that these smaller issues can cost bigger problems.

3 Extreme use of Toilet Paper

Sometimes we can use thick toilet paper and it could be the cause of toilet clogged. The problem is increased when toilets become clogged, the toilet drain is blocked, and sewage collects in the sewer line. It could be the cause of headaches in every house. So now don’t worry about this problem snakemaster.net provides the complete solution to get rid of this problem.  

4 Problem with the main Sewer Line

The main sewer line mostly exits in our homes and goes underground to the municipal sewer system or it can run to a septic tank. Because of its position underground, the sewer line is relatively protected from rain, snow, and freezing, however, it is unsafe for tree roots, which can wrap around the pipe or puncture the pipe. Additionally, rocks, soil, and other debris can enter the line through the puncture, and it can be caused further drainage problems. Keep in mind that if this is the case, multiple toilets or drains are likely to have problems.

Unclogged your toilet or call a Toilet Clogging plumber

Sometimes we always try the easiest ways to get rid of the smallest cost and after trying the easiest ways always we faced bigger issues. So must keep in mind some solutions are impossible and too risky that causing a bigger problem.

That’s why you should call a professional plumber and get help who will handle this job. Give us a call for professional plumbing services at 973 330 6060 | 201 249 1116