how to dissolve toilet paper

16 Dec. 22

How to dissolve Toilet Paper | Easiest Method

How to Dissolve Toilet paper in the toilet?

It might be a common issue that arises in every house and toilet paper made up of wood pulp and other chemicals such as perfumes bleach etc. Excessive use of toilet paper might bring some difficulties of clogging. So we should try to keep the necessary plumbing materials to unclog the kitchen sink, toilet drain, and for other plumbing plumbers.

5 Easy Ways to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Step 1: Flush the Toilet

The first step is to flush the toilet to dissolve the toilet paper. Must try to flush the toilet maximum of three to four times if the toilet paper is not clear the first time.

Step 2: Plunge the Toilet

It is the best way to unclog a toilet and is still probably the most effective if you can find a plunger. If you don’t already have a plunger in your home, it’s important to know which type to buy before choosing one. For toilet clogs, you can use a force cup (plunger) — sometimes just called a toilet plunger. It is with plastic and wood. Push the plunger down to release the clog, repeating this process a few times while maintaining a tight seal. If the dam is maintained, you should see water flowing down the drain. If you can’t get rid of the clog after repeating this process several times, you may need to call a professional plumber.

Step 3: Remove clogs with dish soap and hot water

1/4 cup of dish soap into your toilet bowl if you don’t have a plunger to remove the clogged toilet. After processing wait about five to 10 minutes, so that the soap moves to the bottom. Then flush the toilet with warm but not boiling water and let it sit for another five to 10 minutes. Try flushing the toilet to see if it moves the clog through the pipes

Step 4: Vinegar and Baking Soda

If your problem does not solve with the plunger, dish soap, and hot water still want to know how to unclog a toilet.  The last step is to use the combination of baking soda and vinegar to get rid of clogs—toilet or otherwise. For toilet clogs, in particular, pour a cup of baking soda into your toilet and let it sit for a few minutes. Then add two cups of vinegar. Be sure to pour slowly, because you don’t want the bubbles these two products cause to jump out of your toilet. Once you’ve let the entire mixture sit for several minutes, flush the toilet and see if your clot has cleared.

Step 5: Call a professional plumber if these steps will not helpful to dissolve the toilet paper

Firstly we are assured that all these steps will help to dissolve the toilet paper and get rid of the toilet clogs.  If the problem is not solved with these steps that we are providing then you can call snake master and hire a professional plumber. Snake Master is very curious about your plumbing system then we are trying to provide valuable information that will be helpful for our clients.