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14 Mar. 23

How to Choose your Sink Faucet Like Pro 

 Sink Faucet | How to choose the best one  

Installing a sink faucet is an exception to the general rule that we leave the plumbing to experts. Faucets are made to be easily replaced, and any do-it-yourselfer can securely install one at home. 

Did you know that you should replace your faucets every 15 to 20 years? You could need a replacement or just an update to something more fashionable. Whatever it may be, producers have made the procedure simple for you. You will be guided through each stage of the installation process by the thorough instructions that come with your faucet. 

What type of faucet do you use? 

Ball Sink faucets  

It may be identified by its single handle, which rotates over a cap in the shape of a ball at the top of the faucet. These taps frequently leak. 

Disc Sink faucets 

The most typical location for disc faucets is in kitchen sinks, and they may be recognized by a single handle placed over a big cylinder body. They are the most trustworthy faucets due to their high-quality creation using current technology. 

Compression Water Sink Faucets 

They have been around for a while and are the most popular sink tap. They are often seen in utility rooms or older homes. These two-handled fittings offer independent settings for hot and cold. With compression faucets, the valve is sealed by a compression stem, so you must close the tap firmly to prevent leaks or drips. These are the most affordable faucets available. 

Double-handle cartridge Sink faucets 

They resemble compression washer faucets in many ways. The manner you block the water off is the only way to distinguish between the two. With cartridge faucets with two handles, each handle regulates a distinct temperature and functions as an independent shutoff. The water may be turned on or off by simply turning the handle by half a turn. This function aids in preventing drips and leaks. 

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