Snake Master Offers Reliable, Fast and Effective Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Morris County, Chester, New Jersey

Our team of expert plumbers will find and eliminate the problem by unclogging your pipes by using top and best equipments to ensure the blockage is completely removed. Call Snake Master for Drain Line Repair and will send an expert drain cleaner right away to find and fix your drain problem.

Our plumbers are experienced and have all top of the line equipments to safely restore your plumbing and your stress-levels with accuracy to its natural state.

Methods Used For Professional Sewer, Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services


The rodding method is a pipe and drain cleaning method where we use a special kind of rodding machine and heavy-duty flexi cables to clean out blockages and clogs in your sewer and drainage line system.


Hydro jetting method is a professional sewer and drains cleaning method where our experts will use a blast of water at high pressure to remove blockages, build up, and clogs from sewer and drain lines.


A video camera inspection is used when sometimes clogs in the piping or sewer line are too far and too deep to reach out with the standard types of equipment. In the video camera inspection method Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services, a plumber will use camera equipment to locate, assess and confirm the blockage or clog. Once it is found, our expert drain cleaners can provide the best suitable course of action to fix your drain issue.

Snake Master Professional Plumbing Repairs and Faucet Installation in Morris County, Chester, New Jersey

Faucet leakages besides being annoying may significantly increase your water bills. Most of the time these problems can easily be fixed by replacing gaskets and water seals in the leaking faucets.
Sometimes our plumbing professionals may recommend replacing you old leaky faucet with a new one after performing a full inspection.

Regardless if it is a part of your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, bathroom shower or bathtub our skilled and professional plumbers can handle all faucet repairs and installations easily with accuracy.

Professional Toilet Installation and Repair

Just like showers, sinks, showers and showers, toilets are also a major part of the (DWV) drain-waste-vent system, and it is also the most crucial part of the plumbing system of your house or apartment. That’s why we provide a solid plumbing expertise for your toilet repairs in order to make sure that they are take care properly.

Almost every toilet problem can possibly be related to much serious sanitation problems. Hiring a professional plumber from Snake Master to repair the existing toilet or to install a new toilet will ensure the safety of your property and can save you money in the long term.